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Speak Freely With End To End Encryption

In this chapter, we'll discuss how to use encrypted messaging apps. We'll also discuss how to progressively adopt email encryption.

Encrypted messaging apps & email encryption

Maybe you've already heard that most email providers and messenger apps:

Nevertheless, the vast majority continues to entrust their communication to incumbent service providers. Main reason? Changing provider seems daunting. After all, many will argue that their current app is "free" of charge, known by everybody and tied to all their accounts and subscriptions. Fortunately, changing provider is not as hard as it seems.

Transport layer security vs. end to end encryption

Nowadays, several messenger and email apps are encrypted to protect your communication:

Transport layer security (TLS) makes sure your communication can't be decoded while transiting on the Internet or between cell towers. However, with TLS encryption, intermediaries can access your data while passing it along or processing it. This includes many messenger services, social networks, search engines, banks, and so on.

TLS 1.2

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) protects your communication all the way. No one except the final recipient can decode it. Not even intermediaries passing along the data, such as for example an end-to-end encrypted messenger or email provider.

Tell me more about how encryption can help avoid online surveillance

Courtesy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.