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Thanks to the FOSS community


Thanks to our close ones for their patience and support.

Thanks to the privacy, FOSS and self-hosting community:

Thanks to all dedicated coders out there building free, open source software:

Thanks to the whole Framalang team for the amazing job on the French translation: Aliénor, CLC, Côme, Frabrice, goofy, Guestr, jums, Marius, susy, Sylvain R. and many more.

Thanks to open-source artists:

  • Homepage background released by Gam-Ol under the Pixabay License
  • Illustrations inspired by freepik and undraw
  • Icons respectfully borrowed from ameixa
  • Logos and screenshots for Firefox, Friendica, Mastodon, Funkwhale, etc. kindly provided by Wikimedia
  • Blender animations inspired by duck3d
  • Contra Chrome is a great web comic explaining how Google’s browser has become a threat to user privacy
  • Photos in the Origins chapter are distributed under the Unsplash License, thanks go to Alexander Popov, Gabriel Perez, Sandro Katalina, Roman Denisenko, Andrea De Santis, Denys Nevozhai, Hello I'm Nik, Ray Zhuang, Matthew Henry, Markus Spiske, Gabriel Heinzer, Clark Tibbs, Alexandre Debiève, cheng feng, Taylor Vick, Adi Goldstein
  • Geek humour served to you by xkcd
  • Retro music powered by Aries The Producer and nihilore